What You Should Know About Workmans Comp Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to give financial protection to people who get injured while doing their job or who gradually develop an illness due to job hazards. Examples are construction site accidents loss of hearing from exposure to loud sounds back pains due to repetitive movements and some forms of psychological stress. It is a legal requirement imposed on all businesses which use labor. Whether the staff is composed of only one person or 10000 does not matter. Neither does full-time or part-time employment status. Even temporary hires are supposed to be covered under the law.

Workmans Comp Insurance California

In the state of California the workers’ compensation package is composed of several parts: medical care temporary disability benefits permanent disability benefits supplemental job displacement benefits and death benefits. Not all of these may be given at the same time. Each is designed to take care of a specific scenario.

Medical care covers the immediate health needs of the patient. This includes hospital bills medicine operations and so on. Basically it is mean to ensure that the injured worker receives fast and effective treatment from competent professionals. Temporary disability benefits are weekly payments that provide employees with a means of living despite being unable to work for a time. There are minimum and maximum amounts that vary year-on-year. In 2013 the range is between $160 and $1066.72.

Permanent disability benefits are given to those who suffer from injuries that have a lasting effect. The loss of limb is a common example and each part of the body has a corresponding apportionment that reflects its perceived value. In 2013 the loss of a finger at middle joint is compensated with $7877.50. Meanwhile the loss of vision in one eye is compensated with $27312.50 — higher because of resulting incapacity to work is considered greater.

The supplemental job displacement benefits are given when the injury or illness is so severe as to prevent the person from going back to work. The money is meant to be spent for skills retraining or the acquisition of a new marketable expertise. Lastly there are death benefits which are provided to the dependents which include burial expenses.

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