The Importance of the California Workers Compensation Insurance System

When it comes to human resources every business entity and other organization has additional responsibilities toward their staff members. Nowadays the importance of adopting a suitable and equitable work compensation policy has been acknowledged worldwide. In United States it is obligatory on every company to take on a compensatory insurance policy for its workers in accordance with the rules promulgated in its State. The purpose of this insurance policy was to safeguard the legal rights of the workers. The California workers compensation insurance policy reimburses the medical costs of injured employees. Benefits provide under the California workers compensation insurance policy include:

• Provision of medical care such as hospitalization doctor visits lab tests physical therapy x-rays medicinal prescriptions and all the expenses that are reasonably required for the treatment of injured employee. However the number of physical therapy treatments chiropractic visits and occupational therapies are limited to 24 for each injured employee.

• Payment of temporary disability benefits is made in the event that the injured employee loses his or her wages during the course of his recovery. These benefits are given for a period of two years from the date of injury. However after the termination of temporary disability benefits the injured employee can claim additional state disability benefits by completing an “Employment Development Department Claim”.

• Permanent Disability Benefits are provided when the injury causes permanent disability to the employee. The fact of permanent disability is reported by the treating physician which is then rated by the claims administrator according to the occupation age and future earning capacity of the employee. He then determines the percentage and amount of permanent disability benefits. These amounts are predefined by the State law. The injured employee has a right of apply for a state disability rating or file an appeal against rating of claim administrator.

• Supplemental job displacement vouchers are provided when the injury causes permanent disability and the employer of injured employee is unable to compensate him properly. The voucher is the compensation against education related expenses and the amount is based upon the level of permanent disability incurred.

• Death Benefits are provided to the dependents of a deceased worker who dies from illness or work related injuries.

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