Fresno Workers Compensation

Fresno Workers Compensation Benefits All Employees

Fresno Workers Compensation is a system that provides for payment to workers in the State of California who become injured on the job. The City of Fresno has employed the services of an administrator to make certain that all worker injury benefits are handled efficiently and effectively.

Should you become injured or disabled on your job, the City’s compensation laws are there to ensure that you receive monetary rewards and medical care to make amends for your misfortune.

Benefits you are entitled to include reasonable medical care to treat with an injury or illness contracted on the job; compensation for the time lost from work through such illness or injury; compensation for loss of the ability to earn resulting from permanent effects of an injury or illness; and assistance in getting a job if permanent effects of an injury prevent you from returning to your original duties.

All employees of the City qualify for workers compensation benefits if they become injured or fall ill while performing their jobs. Note that eligibility for these benefits is not determined by a qualification period such as a minimum time worked or number of hours you may have spent on the job. Claims for your benefits should be filed with your supervisor.

The process is influenced by City policies and agreements negotiated by your Union’s bargaining unit. Also remember that Fresno Workers Compensation, in certain situations and under certain circumstances, will pay a death benefit to your beneficiary should your injury result in your demise.