San Jose Workers Compensation

Filing for Workers’ Compensation in San Jose

Anybody who has been injured on the job may be eligible to file for workers’ compensation in San Jose. Every case is different, but a San Jose workers compensation lawyer works with their client to file the claim and work out any disputes between the parties.

When filing for workers’ compensation, the client needs to have evidence that their injuries were caused from their workplace. It does not matter who was at fault for the injuries, as long as they occurred at the workplace. If their injuries have stopped them from working and providing an income for their home and family, then they should file a claim with a San Jose workers compensation lawyer. Many attorneys do not charge a fee if their client does not win their case. Employees have rights, and it is the attorney’s job to exercise those rights. If the employee is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, then they may receive those benefits based on the evidence provided in their claim. Usually this type of insurance compensates injured worker’s medical bills, loss of wages and other losses.

Some employees may be wondering what type of injuries are covered under workers’ compensation. Stress, vision problems, heart attacks, brain injuries, depression, burns, stroke, broken bones and paralysis are just a few injuries related to workers’ compensation claims.

When it comes to filing for workers’ compensation, it is best to file with an attorney. Many San Jose workers compensation lawyers offer free consultations to people interested in filing a claim.