Auto Body Shops Workers Compensation

Auto Body Shops Workers Compensation Covers Injured Workers

Anyone who runs a business which employs other people, needs to have coverage in an insurance policy to protect the workers in the event of an injury. The auto body shops workers compensation will be designed to cover the medical bills or lost wages of the people employed in this business. There are a lot of potential dangers lurking in this type of shop. The mechanics use power tools to remove, sand or replace the different sections on the body of a car or truck. These tools can cause injury to someone if the get caught up on the bits of metal they are being used on.

In addition to the dangers involved with working with power tools, there are also dangers involved with the chemicals used in this profession. An auto body shop will often use paints and other chemical based solutions to complete the job or repairing or restoring the automobile’s body. These items can emit toxic fumes and need to be properly stored to prevent them from being a fire hazard. When the combustible chemicals are used in combination with power tools emitting sparks, the result could be disastrous.

Even though the auto body shops workers compensation will provide hurt employees with a degree of income, it might not be the same as what they were earning while employed. Every state has its own regulations regarding the amount employers need to have covered. Most states require employers to carry coverage for paying medical bills and lost wages.