Auto Repair Workers Compensation

Auto Shop Owners Need Auto Repair Workers Compensation

People who choose to open their own automotive repair shop need to purchase the type of insurance designed for businesses. This insurance will need to include auto repair workers compensation as well as liability for the patrons who visit the business. Obtaining insurance coverage is an essential part of running a business, especially when large machines are involved. Mechanics who work in this type of atmosphere use a lot of machines which have the potential to fail in their operation, causing injury to the person working with them. A jack used to raise a car off the ground has an immense potential for destruction if the lifts should fail during the lift process.

There are also a lot of risks involved when working on small engine parts. Mechanics use their hands to remove, repair or replace the different components found inside a car’s engine. This makes it easy for someone to cut their hand or finger and have it infected by the dirt and grease found on the parts. Having adequate auto repair workers compensation will often protect the owner of the shop from being sued because of the injury incurred by the worker.

In addition to the risk involved with working on the various automobiles and using the large machines, there can be a potential for injury in less demanding tasks a worker performs. Retrieving stock from high shelves using a ladder, could result in a fall. Walking across a floor where oil has been spilled could also result in a fall.