Beauty Salons Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation for Beauty Salons

BEAUTY SALONS Workers Compensation can be a confusing and controversial topic. Many salon’s are unaware of the potential hazards of the work place in a beauty salon, and many employees do not fully understand their rights and benefits in workers compensation in a beauty salon.

There are many obvious hazards in the workplace when working in a beauty salon. For example, a hair stylist may encounter sharp objects like scissors and razor blades, and nail technicians will more than likely hand clipper, scissors, and files that may be hazardous if not handled properly and with care. However, there are many materials and situations in a beauty salon that could be potentially harmful to an employee. Some seemingly harmless situations could be hazardous.

One of the most common hidden dangers in a salon primarily affects hair and nail stylists. Fumes from dyes, styling agents, and polishes can have serious adverse health effects when an employee is exposed to them for a long period of time without adequate protection. Beauty salon workers must be provided with sufficient respiratory protection in these situations, such as masks. Without this protection, an employee could experience difficulty breathing, nose bleeds, headaches, and serious eye irritation.

If you are experiencing respiratory distress, chronic headaches, problem with vision, or any other symptom that you feel may have been caused by your exposure to fumes at a salon, it is your responsibility to inform your employers as quickly as possible in order to increase your chances of receiving worker’s compensation. If you were employed at an unsafe work place, you may have the right to compensation.