Car Washes Workers Compensation

Car Washes Compensation Fund

Working at a carwash might seem like a reasonably safe job. If that was the case, we would have gone through all the trouble to build the Car Washes Workers Compensation fund. There are quite a few dangers involved in the profession. A worker who is not alert could slip on the soapy mixture on the floor and fall. An arm might be broken or a head split. Or someone might have a careless moment and someone else might end up with soap in their eyes. Even clients can pose some form of danger. Many people worship their cars and it is well within their rights to do so, but it is not within their rights to assault carwash attendant. And yes, that sort of thing does happen once in a while. The trunk might open involuntary and split a tooth. Car doors can also be a dangerous weapon in careless hands. Medical attention doesn’t come cheap anymore. In some cases, employees need to receive counseling after being assaulted. The Car Washes Workers Compensation fund makes provision for all the above mentioned incidents. Employers can go online and register all their employees. For peace of mind, make the right choice. Prevention is so much better than cure and anyone deserves feel safe and secure in the workplace. Life happens really fast and without the right cover, things can turn sour real quick. The Car Washes Workers Compensation fund is the best way to motivate your employees to put your business on the map by giving extra good service.