Valet Parking Workers Compensation

Importance of Valet Parking Workers Compensation

Being covered with a valet parking workers compensation should be on top of the list for both business owners and clients as well. This is a form of insurance policy that covers injury to valet attendants from accidents occurring while they are working. This may be from being hit by another vehicle, mugged from their tips or even if they themselves caused the accident.

Valet business owners should prioritize investing in being covered by workers’ compensation because it is required to lawfully operate a valet service business. This also saves them from a lot of headache when dealing with any unfortunate event their employees are involved in. As the employer, they are liable to pay for medical bills from any injury the employees suffer from. If they are covered with such an insurance policy, then the insurance company takes care of paying what could be really costly bills.

Potential clients are also advised to check for such coverage before engaging the services of a valet company. As owners of the vehicles being driven or the venue of the event, they are also liable for any untoward accident that the valet attendants encounter. Engaging only the services of insured valet service providers will save them a lot of trouble and dollars in the future.

Some of the important things that you should look for in a valet parking workers’ compensation policy are the amount and the extent of the coverage. The capacity to be fully indemnified for any damage suffered should be your goal. Anything less is still acceptable but put a limit on less than a quarter of the amount of actual damages suffered. An all-risk coverage is also the best deal you can get but you can settle for a policy that covers the usual risks such as collisions, explosions and even muggings.