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California Workers Comp

Not everyone needs California workers comp insurance. People without employees do not need this valuable protection. Likewise, fantastically wealthy individuals may choose to go without insurance. These generous individuals have an opportunity to give their hard-earned money away to injured employees. However, other employers need this affordable, lifetime insurance for three reasons. For a small premium, the insurance company assumes future risks. Employees cannot sue employers. This policy protects against occupational diseases. With these three guarantees, companies continue in business when accidents happen.


Risk Transference
Since no one knows what the future will bring, insurance policies protect against this unknown. Although companies budget for expenses and forecast income, some costs cannot be calculated. Employee accidents, injuries, occupational diseases and deaths are unpredictable. Fortunately, California workers comp insurance takes care of these expenses. Employers know what these rates are and include that cost. When an employee breaks a leg, he or she may simply require a doctor's visit to set the broken bone, cast and crutches and be able to read turn to work quickly. On the other hand, the break may be serious, require hospitalization, rehabilitation and months of recuperation with compensation. If a 25-year-old person is disabled, the insurance company will pay the lost wages. Even if this employee only made $3000 a month, the total could easily exceed $1 million by the time the person reaches 65. California workers comp makes it easy on the employers as employers just pay the premiums while the compensation company pays all expenses.


No Lawsuits
Employees cannot sue employers for injuries, accidents and occupational diseases. Under the California workers comp law, employees get medical treatment and wages. For this, workers give up the right to sue an employer over an unfortunate incident. In the event of a death, the worker’s beneficiaries are paid. In this situation, everyone wins. The employee’s medical treatment and pay during the recuperation do not depend on the financial security of a business or employer. The company and employer's personal assets are safe from lawsuits. As this program does not compensate for pain and suffering, only actual medical costs and time lost from work are covered keeping premiums affordable. Likewise, employers do not investigate or fight fraudulent claims, hassle about medical treatments or decide when an injured person is able to return to work. Business owners concentrate on running the business while the insurance providers decide all of these issues.


Occupational Diseases
A major concern for any business is the products and procedures used. No one knows when a commonly used chemical or material will become a major health issue in the future. Fortunately, employers with California workers comp are protected under the insurance policy. Businesses know fighting a new occupational disease claim is a time-consuming nightmare. These cases drag on for years, are expensive to contest and require expensive, specialized attorneys, medical professionals and investigators. If a new problem like the one asbestos created surfaces, the insurance company is there to verify claims and cover infected workers. The employer simply reports the problem to the right department and goes about his or her business.

Employers need California workers comp. Because this insurance covers employees in case of an accident, injury, disease or death, employers and businesses simply pay the premium. The workers comp insurance company pays medical bills and lost wages. Employees cannot file lawsuits over the mishap for negligence and cannot collect money for suffering. Best of all, if something use by the company causes an occupational disease in the future, the insurance company deals with it. Businesses are free to thrive and grow with a lot less to worry about.