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California Workers Compensation

Although California workers compensation can be expensive, going without this valuable coverage is like trying to stop a speeding train with a car. This insurance protects employers because someone else deals with problems. The 15 reasons to carry this mandated coverage include money, time and fear.


Under the California workers compensation law, employees or their beneficiaries cannot sue. Employees exchange guaranteed medical treatment and wage protection for the right to sue; the court system protects these employers. This includes accidents and injuries that happen on the job site, occupational diseases and deaths. What this means to an employer is that he or she does not have to spend money for expensive attorneys and court costs or waste time investigating and handling frivolous claims. The personal assets of the business owner are not at risk. The employee gets all the bills paid: doctor, hospital, rehabilitation, surgery, prescriptions, medical equipment and specialists. In addition, the worker receives wages for the time he or she cannot work or permanent disability. If the employee dies, the beneficiaries receive compensation.


Employers are not involved in this process. The owner or manager does not waste time discussing various medical treatments or wage compensation plans. If the case appears to be fraudulent, the California workers compensation program investigates, not the company. Bosses are not involved in the endless paperwork process. This includes filing claims, processing addendums, receiving and sending documents, learning medical terminology and deciding when the employee is fit to return to work.


Since this is a state and federal requirement, employers carrying California workers compensation do not have three worries. The government can impose fines and penalties, which can be extremely expensive. Government agencies can also issue stop work orders.


The next three reasons to carry California workers compensation allow employers to sleep at night. These people do not toss and turn wondering if the employee who fell, slipped or tripped will be all right. People with insurance are not concerned with how serious a back sprain is or if surgery is required. These lucky employers know that the insurance plan will cover that and pay wages. When people carrying this coverage read about melanoma cancer, they can relax. Asbestos was widely used for decades before problems showed up. If the chemicals or building materials used at the site, factory or business suddenly cause occupational injuries in the future, the employer is covered. Best of all, this guaranteed coverage does not include expensive pain and suffering awards for injured employees.


The final peace of mind reason is knowledge. Getting information protects the company and owner or owners, discussing the company’s requirements with the insurance provider guarantees protection. Although it sounds simple to ask for insurance for an auto repair shop, this shop employs mechanics, tire repair technicians, managers and clerical workers. The insurance rate for each group of people may be different depending on their exposure to risk. Some companies like construction have workers completing many different chores during the day. The framer may work on the roof for two hours, then install concrete forms for a patio for four hours and finish out the day stacking lumber. Unless the individual’s timecard reflects the changes, the company is charged at the highest rate for the day. That will be the insurance rate for roofing specialists.


By considering California workers compensation just another cost of doing business, owners have peace of mind and a guarantee. This policy protects employers from any expense associated with an accident, injury or occupational illness including lawsuits. In exchange for this guaranteed, workers get medical treatment and money when they cannot work. Everyone wins.

Workers Compensation California

If you are thinking about if you should get workers compensation in california then you already know you need it. We can help consult you in your needs for all workers comp insurance, we are experts in the field.Call for a free consultation or fill out the online form. We look forward to serving you worker comp needs.

Often times business owners are not sure the state of california requirements for workmans comp. This can be due to many issues including how confusing and ever changing these regulations are. We encourage you to contact us so that we can properly inform you as to your obligations for workers compensation california. You may be very interested to know that not only can it be affordable but it can save you money in the long run to have proper comp insurance for your business.