Should You Fire Your Workers Compensation Attorney if The Case Is Taking Long?

Most workers compensation CA cases take long and can sometimes be delayed or denied. When a case is dragging it is not the fault of your attorney but the entire system. Maybe you have thought of looking for another lawyer since you think the one you already have is not doing their best.

It is not the fault of your attorney if your file was assigned to a desk that does not have an adjuster or if your doctor is taking forever to produce a medical report. Sometimes a decision may take long because a claim to one of your body parts was denied.

Most workers comp California appeal boards are booked in advance and your lawyer can only book a court date and wait for a response. The attorney cannot fix a hearing date that is suitable for you just because you want it that way.

On your attorney’s part maybe his or her office could be full of cases to handle. The fee they get from a single case is small thus the need to handle a multitude of cases to pay their bills. Your attorney may be involved in complex cases which consume a lot of time. However this should not be a reason to want to replace the attorney. There is a high chance that you will get a similar lawyer since they are all in one practice and carry out their duties in the same way.

Your attorney plays the most important role in your pursuit for workers compensation CA. From following up on doctors and medical reports although they don’t get to recommend or choose a doctor for you to determining the amount you should receive as compensation.

It is important to build a mutual and understanding relationship with your attorney since in most cases you will depend on him or her to obtain workers compensation CA. Your attorney is trained and has the necessary knowledge and experience to help you get what you rightfully deserve from your employee after suffering an injury at work.

It is important to be patient after filing a workers comp California case as it may take quite some time for the claim to be determined by judge.

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