A few categories we cover

Our goal is to save you money while making sure you have the best coverage for your class code. Each class code has different standards and requirements for insurance. We work with over 50 A+ companies writing Workers’ Compensations policies tailored for our clients. We provide coverage whether it is for only one class of worker, or as a part of a package. Our coverage is as unique as your business.

We help you determine the different coverage requirements (or even multiple policies) needed to adequately protect your company from the risks associated with doing business. Our specialty is protecting companies in California with reliable, affordable insurance.

Call us today for the most current rates. You can save up to 40%! By working with many companies, we can make sure you have the best policy for your needs. We compare rates so you don’t have to!

A few of the categories we cover:

Auto repair:  Auto repair shops in California need the right coverage for: Customer Car Coverage, Dealer Plates, Garage Liability, Workers’ Comp, Tow Trucks, Structural Building and Contents Coverage. Make sure you have the right coverage to protect your business.

Asphalt:  Imperial Insurance specializes in providing insurance to California asphalt contractors. Make sure you have the proper coverage for your business.

Chiropractors:  Coverage for chiropractors can protect your business from lawsuits. We specialize in determining the coverage you need to protect your business.

Concrete:  We insure artisans, commercial or residential. Generally we do not insure road or bridge construction, or swimming pool construction under our concrete policy (we do have separate policies for pool construction). If you install or repair walls, floors, sidewalks or foundations, you qualify as a concrete artisan. Contact our office to discuss your specialty in concrete work.

Dentists:  We insure dentists, oral surgeons and other workers in a dental setting.

Drywall:  Imperial insures drywall artisans, both commercial installations and residential installations. An artisan hangs or repairs drywall or wallboard. Most insurance company underwriters do not allow hazardous material abatements. We know which companies will serve your needs in the best manner.

Electrical:  Again, we insure artisans, both commercial and residential. Electrical contractors installing or repairing electrical wiring within buildings qualify. Underwriters are harder to find for contractors working on high voltage power lines (over 220 volts), industrial work and fire or burglar alarm work. Contact Imperial Insurance to see what we can do to provide insurance for your special needs.

Foundations:  We routinely insure contractors providing foundation work up to about 12 feet deep. Contact us to see what we can offer your business.

Framing:  Imperial Insurance covers artisans in framing: both commercial and residential, are our specialties. This includes carpentry such as rough framing, finish work, remodeling, or new construction. Office construction and remodeling are included in the commercial category.

HVAC:  Artisans, both commercial and residential are covered. Contractors who install furnaces and/or air-conditioning qualify. So do contractors specializing in service, repair or duct work. Some contractors also install and service low pressure residential boilers for hot-water heating systems. We insure these categories of artisans.

General Contractor:  We insure artisans, commercial or residential. General contractors work with other contractors in a variety of skilled trades. Imperial Insurance covers California contractors with insurance designed to protect their business as well as their employees.

Janitorial:  We insure artisan contractors, commercial or residential. Their services can be provided to either residential or commercial customers. Exclusions in this category are: exterior window washing, cleaning building exteriors, hazardous waste clean-up or industrial cleaning.

Landscapers:  Imperial Insurance insures artisan landscapers, both commercial and residential. Exclusions include: tree care, commercial snowplowing, and the application of pesticides or fertilizers not bought over the counter.

Manufacturing:  We cover manufacturing businesses encompassing a wide variety of risk factors. We even help you minimize your risk through preventive measures.

Masonry:  Artisans for commercial or residential are covered. This is for masonry services for residential areas. This includes installation, plus repair of brick or concrete block. Other masonry may be written as a separate class of insurance.

Painting:  Insurance for artisans, whether painting or hanging wallpaper inside or out, is covered under our artisan painting policy. The work can be either residential or commercial.

Plumbing:  Plumbing installation, service and/or repair are covered for artisan plumbing contractors. Coverage is for both commercial and residential work.

Pools:  Artisan pool contractors, both for residential and commercial applications, are covered when providing services for maintenance, pool service and repair.

Restaurants:  Mishaps in the workplace, such as spilling hot soup on a customer, are covered! This is only one feature of our excellent policies for restaurants!.

Retail environments:  Because accidents can happen anywhere, coverage is needed everywhere to protect your company. We cover retail environments so you don’t have to worry.

Surgeons:  Specialty insurance for doctors and surgeons protects against lawsuits. We help you so you can others!

Transportation:  Whether moving people or things, we specialize in keeping you protected so you can do your job making sure those people and things arrive safely and on time.

Imperial Insurance covers many more categories with insurance. Give us a call to see how we can help you lower insurance costs while maintaining high coverage. Our goal is to put your business in the best and most affordable class codes. We have over 50 A rated companies that write Workers’ Compensation policies. We have the right policy for your company!

We can provide coverage for a contractor on either a stand-alone basis, or as part of a package. Contractors will require a number of different coverage parts or insurance policies to adequately cover the types of risk and exposure that are inherent in being a contractor here in California. We are just a phone call away.

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