Types of Money Benefits For Workers Compensation CA

If you are involved in an accident at work it is your right to pursue workers compensation CA. In cases a work related injury renders you “useless” or puts you in a position that makes it difficult for you to get another employment workers compensation benefits become helpful.

Below are the types of money benefits available for workers compensation in California:

1. Permanent disability
This benefit is divided into two: total permanent disability and permanent partial disability. In permanent partial disability the advance or payment is only calculated after you have reached the medical endpoint in improvement. This means that you only get paid after it is proven that you have been permanently immobilized.

In total permanent disability you will get payments at temporary disability rate. Such disabilities as loss of both arms entitle you to total permanent disability benefits.

2. Temporary disability
This benefit is given according to two categories: total temporary disability and temporary partial disability. Total temporary benefits are awarded if you are not able to do any type of work or if you can only work in particular conditions that your employer cannot provide. You will get an amount equal to two thirds of your average weekly pay for compensation.

With temporary partial disability benefit you will get compensation that is proportional to the state of your temporary disability. For example if the injury makes you work fewer hours than the total hours required of you as an employee you will be compensated for the income lost in the hours you cannot work.

3. Death benefits
If you die as result of injury while on the job your dependants are eligible to receive death benefits. These benefits are supposed to be paid every fourteen days. If there is an extension of this period the compensation should be increased by 10 percent.

If your injury is work related you are entitled to any of the above benefits for workers compensation CA. You however must know that it is a felony to lie to obtain workers compensation fraudulently. Be honest to get the full benefits that you deserve.

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