Sacramento Workers Compensation

Sacramento Workers Compensation: The basics every employee in Sacramento should know

Sacramento workers compensation insurance is a type of insurance that ensures Sacramento employees are remunerated properly if ever they get injured or get sick on the job. With this type of insurance, employers are relieved of any liability for such injuries or illnesses. The law mandates that employers in Sacramento, California should have workers compensation insurance.

Even if the employer or the company has only one employee, Sacramento workers compensation insurance should still be provided to that person. Employees who are working on a part-time contract should also be covered as written in the law. An employer who fails to provide workers compensation insurance may face criminal charges.

If an employee suffers from an injury or illness because of the job, he or she should quickly file a claim for compensation. The injury or illness should be reported to the employer immediately. The employer must provide his worker a claim form within 24 hours after learning about the injury or the illness, so that the claim can be reviewed immediately and a prompt decision can be made. Remember that employers and companies cannot punish their workers for filling out a claim form. If they do so, they can face charges for not following the law.

Certain benefits await the employee if the claim for compensation is accepted. Potential benefits may include medical treatment, payment to compensate for lost wages while recovering, supplemental jobs or part-time jobs while recovering, and many more. There are also benefits for permanent disability and death such as financial and healthcare assistance.