Mechanic Shops Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation for Mechanic Shop Workers

It is every business’ responsibility to purchase workers’ compensation insurance to protect their assets and employees. Mechanic shops workers compensation coverage is important because the people who work in this field are prone to injuries and illnesses. Mechanics deal with cars, tools and chemicals, all of which can lead to some type of injury or illness.

Any company that does not have workers’ compensation may be closed down and put out of business for not complying with their state’s insurance requirements. Should an employee injury themselves on the job, then the company does not have any type of policy to cover themselves. Auto mechanics may suffer from back pain from lifting heavy objects or they may hurt their hands working under the hood of a car. These employees are also subject to toxic exposure, a serious problem that may cause illnesses or diseases in people, which can have a long term effect on a person. The chance of automobiles falling off of inspection lifts is another way that an auto mechanic can be harmed at work. Also, if an employee mishandles petrol or other chemicals, then a fire could break out, harming many people on the job. Hundreds of auto mechanics each year harm themselves from falling, slipping or tripping from something inside or outside of the shop. Machinery equipment can also cause harm and injury to employees who are not careful.

Mechanic shops workers compensation is crucial to every auto shop’s business. It is a policy that should not be overlooked.