Truckers Workers Compensation

The Importance of Truckers Workers Compensation

Truck drivers face special risks as part of the work they perform and truckers workers compensation is designed to protect them in the case of accidents and any injuries they might suffer. Their workers compensation must provide protection from economic losses that result from injuries that they sustain in the course of their work.

Workers compensation insurance is mandated for employers and is designed to cover loss of wages, medical expenses, compensation for permanent disability and, in the case of death, a benefit paid to a worker’s beneficiary. Companies that employ truckers are required to purchase workers compensation insurance (typically according to the laws of the state in which they operate) and, where they do not, are subject to criminal prosecution and the possibility of civil lawsuits by the employee.

Truckers have specific requirements related to workers compensation and the insurance needs to reflect thus. For example, many of them are regarded as independent contractors and thus have different insurance requirements to those that are classed as employees. Many truck drivers enjoy their freedom as independent contractors and employers have to provide coverage for them even though independent contractors can generally be excluded from normal compensation insurance programs.

There are insurance plans available in these situations that vary in the benefits that they offer. They can include accidental death benefit, accidental dismemberment, total disability and medical expense benefits. They can also include specialized benefits such as chiropractic and hernia and hemorrhoid benefits that are specific to the trucking industry. It’s important to tailor truckers worker’s compensation to your specific requirements by consulting a specialist in the area.